A minecraft project called "Not many slimes"

So, this post is about the blocky game, we all know and love, minecraft more accurate a forge mod.

Those those who don't know the forge mod loader is a addon for the java edition of minecraft that offers access to a tone of mods and if your playing mods on minecraft java edition chances are you may already be using it.

So to the mod I want to talk about, Not Many Slimes, this mod when released will target both 1.12.2 and 1.14.4, it started off as a idea posted, I took it on as a bit of fun and excuse to start building up framework for later client versions.

As the name suggests, this in fact adds more slimes to the game(Listing subject to change as project evolves).
So far these are as follow:
-Red slime
These fellas are like their normal counter parts except they do not split on death and instead get smaller the more they are hurt.

-Ice slime
These slimes are spawn in colder biomes they apply slowness when they hit a target and have a 50% chance to split into snow slimes as well …

A first post and a summery of my recent projects

So, I find this lovely place a place for blogging and such so, I felt why not its free and free is good!

Alright that out of the way, the general things I will be blogging about are mostly project related.
I have the following projects I have worked on over the times:
WorldNav and its librarys(LibWorldNav and LibWorldNav_GL)A minecraft mod called The underrealm.Sets of maps for varrious games.And various programming/hardware related work. Operating system related studies This will be the common programming of this blog when I post stuff.
Being the tumble weed lord I am this will mainly serve as an archive should anything be handy then that is a benefit.

For reference I also have a github, a site of my own and youtube: